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Livingstone Jan Thiel Beach Resort is the best starting point for your watersports adventure

The beautiful Livingstone Jan Thiel Beach Resort is the best starting point for your watersports adventure on Curaçao. Here you can find Jan Thiel Diving; a fully equipped diving center where you can come for diving courses, guided diving and all your diving essentials. You can choose from a wide variety of swimwear and beach accessories. And apart from helping you in the water we can also assist you with booking various fun excursions on the island.

Do you want to learn how to dive, refresh your diving skills or enjoy the beautiful world under and above the sea of Curaçao with us? Discover the many possibilities at Jan Thiel Diving.

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Every morning we hit the road with our bus for a 2Tank dive to one of the beautiful reefs that can be accessed from the shore. How about for example the famous Tugboat, a dive to the rich reef of Directors Bay or an amazing experience on the Carpile. You choose your favorite, we will take care of the unforgettable diving experience.

The reefs of Curaçao show you the beauty of countless tropical fish, corals, sea turtles and lobsters. With a bit of luck you will be welcomed by rays and barracudas. Our diving trips consist of small groups with lots of personal guidance. You will learn the ins and outs of diving easily, while you enjoy the wondrous underwater world of Curaçao with lots of confidence.

Has it been a while since your last dive? We ensure that after a refresher dive you can explore the many diving spots of the island full of confidence again.

Would you like some extra adventure? Then choose a night dive or boat dive with Jan Thiel Diving. And how about a wreck dive at the Superior Producer? An amazing diving or snorkeling experience at Mushroom Forrest and the breathtaking Blue Room also definitely should be included on your must-see list.

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Our introduction dives offer you a beautiful, unforgettable experience during your stay on Curaçao. The program takes around half a day and is run by one of our PADI professionals. After a short explanation about the diving gear and underwater world, you will first use this knowledge in practice in shallow water. This way you learn for the first time how to breathe underwater as well as how to do a few important exercises.

With these skills you will then go to the reef and go on an amazing journey while diving. You will swim over beautiful corals and admire thousands of colorful fish. There’s a large chance that after this adventure you will have found your new passion.

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Do you want more independence while diving? Choose the Open Water Course of Jan Thiel Diving. After you obtain the Open Water certificate you will have all the knowledge and skills to dive independently in a safe and responsible manner. Of course you can also participate in one of our guided dives.

The course only takes two and a half days and you will learn all diving skills that you need to explore the beautiful underwater world independently. We will practice in our training pool next to the diving school on the Livingstone Jan Thiel Beach Resort. After this one of our instructors will take you on 4 Open Water dives on 4 different beautiful reefs of Curaçao. You can study the theoretical part of this course by yourself online at home, so during your holiday on Curaçao you can fully enjoy the diving itself.

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After the Advanced Open Water cursus you are certified to dive up to 30 meters deep. To achieve this you will go on 5 Adventure dives. The Deep dive and Navigation dive are required and the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive is highly recommended. You choose the other dives in consultation with your instructor. This can for example be a night dive, wreck dive, photography or fish ID.

Do you want to expand your diving abilities in an enjoyable way and learn more about different aspects of the diving sport? Then the Advanced Open Water course of Jan Thiel Diving is the right choice. Book it as soon as possible. You choose the first date of the course and the other dives will be planned in consultation with your instructor.

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During the PADI Rescue Diver course you will develop problem-solving skills for diving and learn how to be a better buddy. In our training pool and open water you will learn how to act during emergencies while diving. You will expand your knowledge by practicing rescue missions and after the course you will have learned how to act and what to pay attention to. Topics of this course are for example how to help yourself, how to help an unconscious diver on the water surface and stress management. This course is one of the most challenging diving courses and you will be pushed to your limits.

Of course with amazing results. You will improve your diving skills in every aspect of this beautiful sport. You study the theoretical part of this course online in advance.

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Do you want to further develop and fine tune your diving skills? Then taking our Specialty is a great choice. After obtaining 5 specialties you will receive the Master Scuba Diver certificate; the highest certificate of the recreational diving world.

The following specialties are part of the possibilities: deep diver, wreck diver, Enriched Air Nitrox, boat diver, search and rescue specialist, Ocean Reef IDM & U\W Communication, Equipment Specialist, night diver, navigation specialist or photo & videography.

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Kids from the age of 8 years and older can get acquainted with diving at Jan Thiel Diving. Our Bubblemaker program offers kids the opportunity to gain fun diving experiences in a playful way. This program is also a good preparation for a PADI Junior Open Water course. Here kids get an hourlong lesson from instructors about how to breathe with diving gear and swim weightlessly under water.

At a maximum depth of 2 meter in the training pool, we explore and play various games. After this first lesson it’s possible to also dive in a real reef with an instructor. During your stay on Curaçao your kids can also participate in our kids diving club on Wednesday and Sunday afternoon. Lots of possibilities!

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Apart from diving, snorkeling is one of the most popular watersports of Curaçao. Jan Thiel Diving would love to take you on a snorkel trip, for example to the peninsula of the Caracas bay.

Those who already have some experience with snorkeling and want more adventure can join us for night snorkeling. Of course you can also accompany the divers to the various diving spots that we visit every day. We guarantee that we will take you to the most beautiful locations in the surroundings. Please feel free to ask about the possibilities.

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Curaçao doesn’t just offer underwater beauty. The island itself is a true Caribbean pearl. For the ultimate holiday feeling Jan Thiel Diving offers day trips to the most beautiful beaches on the island a few times per week. Also discover our large diversity of unique excursions. For example, go snorkeling with sea turtles at Klein Curaçao with us, explore dusty Curaçao on an ATV or join us on an open or private fishing charter. You will have an unforgettable holiday with Jan Thiel Diving.

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Monday till Sunday 8.00 am – 17:30 pm
Can be found at Livingstone Jan Thiel Beach Resort
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