House rules


Below we inform you about a number of practical matters. We wish you a pleasant stay at our beautiful resort.

  • Reception opening hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (telephone number +5999 747 0332)
  • For questions and/or comments, please contact our Guest Relations Officer, Zuleika, who is available on telephone number +5999 690 4017.
  • Security is available 24 hours a day on telephone number +5999 685 5011.
  • Upon Check-in you will receive a (white) pool towel card, with which you can pick up a beach towel at the reception. You can change the beach towel(s) daily at our reception. We will charge $ 25.00 per towel for loss or non-return.
  • Departure, the Check-out is before 12.00 noon. We can offer you, if there is availability, a late Check-out for $ 45.00 (check out before 3 p.m.). If you check out after 12 p.m. without an appointment, we will charge $ 50.00.
  • You can put a credit on your room number for paying food/drinks at the bar or our restaurant. At Check-in there is a block on payment on your room number.
  • The cleaning at the resort is organized as follows:
    Apartments/villas: Arrival and departure cleaning, daily light cleaning (changing towels if needed, tightening the bed and emptying bins), full cleaning every 4th day including changing bed linen.
    Hotel rooms: Arrival and departure cleaning, daily full cleaning including changing of towels (if needed), changing of bed linen once a week.
  • We request that you treat our properties with respect. Furniture and inventory may not be moved from the room.
  • It is not allowed to place or use extra furniture of (kitchen) equipment in the houses or hotel rooms.
  • It is not allowed to barbecue at Livingstone Jan Thiel Beach Resort.
  • All visitors, who are not registered, pay admission to Livingstone Jan Thiel Beach Resort. This also applies to your family and acquaintances who want to visit you. A day in advance you can indicate to reception staff that you wish to receive visitors. Inform your guests that they first report to the security when they arrive at the park. There is a maximum of the number of visitors per unit (hotel rooms / apartments 3 people and villas 4 people).
  • If you are not staying at our resort or non-registered persons pay the following costs for a day pass: children 2 to 12 years 10 ANG and adults 15 ANG.
  • Be aware: Slippery can occur if the tiles on the veranda or stair(s) are wet. Do not be surprised after a short rain shower.
  • The power supply at Livingstone Jan Thiel Beach Resort is 110V in the apartments/villas (excluding the wall socket at the Senseo device and the bathroom, these are 220V). And 220V at all hotel rooms. At the reception you can purchase an adapter plug when needed.
  • Water and electricity are very expensive on our island. That is why we ask you to take the power consumption into account. When you leave the room/apartment/villa we ask you to turn off the air conditioning and lights. Thank you very much for this.
  • If you have a rental car, you must have a parking ticket that must be placed on the dashboard. You can get this at the reception. The car must be parked in the parking lot at your apartment/villa or at the hotel building. Take the power of the wind into account. Our visitors are regularly surprised by the wind. Pay particular attention to the windows and doors.
  • Respect the tranquility of the resort especially between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Pool Rules

  • It is not allowed to reserve sun beds or cabanas around the pool with a towel or bag. These will be removed if this happens.
  • The use of glassware is strictly forbidden in the swimming pool
  • In and around the swimming pool, our guests must wear appropriate swimwear.
  • The sun beds may not be moved to your own accommodation.
  • There are several waste bins around the pool. We request that you deposit the waste in it. The waste bins by the pool are not intended for household waste from your apartment or villa. You can deposit this waste in the green waste bins.
  • Swimming is not permitted between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • Children under the age of 12 may only use the swimming pool when accompanied by their parents or supervisors.
  • The use of the swimming pool is entirely at your own risk.
  • Diving is not permitted in the swimming pool.
  • The instructions of the staff must always be followed.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own audio equipment.
  • The use of the playground is entirely at your own risk.